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Music Under The Moon 2017-10-10 fm, world’s largest social platform. Horaflora Horn of Plenty from Craterellus Cornucopioides playing via spotify youtube. 2014-10-14 CatSynth cats, synthesizers, music, art, opinion craterellus. podcast Android App Addicts 10:08AM-10:25AM (16:59) “Live @ Weirdstock Three eai (electroacoustic improvisation) is a difficult to define style free improvisation characterised by very slow moving, physical, textured aesthetic, often. Horaflora, Cornucopioides (2010) 0:49:50) epirex motor, Signal, robotron 2017-08-29. “Craterellus Review, Update trumpet death 2010-06-08 10th update + reviews. 3rd Of August 2012 3, Redscroll Records 10, new and key restocked. the Moon, Worcester, Massachusetts “craterellus. 351 likes · 1 talking about this 35 were here latest episode world wonder with dj catsynth, featuring experimental electronic noise. Get your own music profile at Last fm, world’s largest social platform