Lost signal - command - 5 Amp DCC Command Station/Booster with Intelligent AutoReverse

Knight Varham 's Battlefield holotape is located in a ruined house north of Relay tower 0MC-810 , south of Med-Tek Research and east of Taffington boathouse .

The Lost Light is a "hop ship" which utilizes insanely advanced quantum engines to travel almost instantaneously across vast distances, though those distances can be limited by the amount of power available to the ship. (You don't want to be standing next to these engines when they activate, as they break the laws of physics in ways that can be very unhealthy.) On top, the ship carries a group of "fuel quills", essential to its operation. Deep within its bowels are the ship's fuel furnaces, powered or at least partly dependent upon nucleon rods, and manned by the Pyrobots .

Lost Signal - CommandLost Signal - CommandLost Signal - CommandLost Signal - Command